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Tot School - week 6

Tot School

~Antek is 17 months old~

Welcome to our sixth week of Tot School. These are some of the activities we did this week.

We combined the Doman’s red dot cards with the activity from the previous week. What we received was a simple matching activity.

Another extension activity ;-)

Antek loved to play with his foam numbers.

We did another part of our IC – Human Main Body Organs.

Antek likes his World map very much. He matched the name of the continents to their outlines several times during each day. I prepared another map for him since this one is not a challenge for him any more. The new map is blank and has only outlines of the continents.

He also did some shadow matching from the … Astronaut’s pack

He practiced his fine motor skill by inserting chips from his brothers’ “four in a row” game.

The biggest hit of last week - inserting flat marbles into an ice cube container.

I gave Antoś a new set of puzzles with farm animals. He had no problem with doing it. I think this type of puzzles is not challenging enough for him right now. He did them quickly and come up with the idea of filling the empty spaces with sunflower seeds. He worked very intensively on that. He used different techniques to accomplish his goal. First he tried some spooning and moved on to transferring seeds with his fingers but I guess it wasn’t as effective as just purring them from the barrel ;-)

He did this activity several times this week. He's getting realy good at color matching games ;-) Though he can't stand the fact that the buses are moving when he donn't want them to ;-) Funny little human being;-)

Antek made his first stamp picture. I love those stamp markers. Each one has a different pattern ( spider, mouth, sun , happy face, etc.) I think they will be perfect for our future pattern activities.


He loves to take out the batteries from the pilot and putting them in again.

He also learned how to make a chain from paper clips. He was so proud of making this one.

My little boy is getting more and more independent each day which freaks me out a bit. This week he refused to eat with his baby fork and I had no choice but to give him his brother’s fork which is far to big for his little mouth. To my surprise he succeed in feeding himself without getting hurt. Can you see his victorious smile. That little sparkle makes my heart smile every day.

Additionaly, some signing time :-)

Well, that’s all for now. Next week we are going to start the letter B theme and do some weather themed activities as well.
Thanks for visiting us.
Have a joyous week.

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  1. LOVE the sunflower seeds with the puzzle! Very cute.

  2. Wow, amazing stuff happening over here!

  3. I love the works that you are doing with the world map! Very important! Great job! Kerri

  4. Amazing Job!!!!! nice activities!! Thanks for stoping by and your sweet comments!!

    Big Hugs from Puerto Rico!


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