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Flu, letter A and other things we did.

Tot School

~Antek is 16,5 months old~

We had great plans for this week. Unfortunately, we had to modify them due to the fact that flu decided to pay us a visit. Kuba had such a terrible coughing attacks that we had to keep him at home for the whole week. What is more, my printer refused to cooperate and broke down and I even couldn’t print the stuff I had prepared for the boys. Not to mentioned the outrages delay on the part of the company that provides us with the laminator’s pouches. Therefore, I decided to postpone the letter A formal instruction to the following week. Taking all those disasters into account we still had a great week full of delightful learning, story telling, hugging, giggling and laughing.

This activity was initiated by Antek himself. He was scribbling with his new crayons when he decided to make a shape out of them. He made a triangle and then decided to make a letter A and started counting the crayons.
Good job baby.

He traced the letter A on our easel.

He was trying to copy the letter “A” on paper. Each time he scribbled something he pronounced the sound of the letter.

We did some sensory activities with rice.

We were to visit the museum of Musical Instruments but we had to postpone it too. Instead we invented our own exposition of funny things made from items we had at home.

Below Kuba’s “Time machine”

and our imaginary museum of Van Gogh :-

Antoś played a lot with his geometry puzzles.

He also did his colour matching activities. This week he worked on yellow, blue and red sheet. I tried to reinforce his recognition of the primary colours.

We chased shadows on the wall.

Antek learned to sit on a chair (a bit to high for him) in a safe and unassisted way.

He practised his balance on the pack of bottled water ;-)

He played with his toy cash register a lot this week. He figured out how to use a microphone.

He also liked to lock and unlocked the cash register.

He loves to build towers from his barrels.

We revised the jungle animals.

My little boy has recently become obsessed with the Moon. Whenever he wakes up he has to check it. He can pronounce its name. He can point it in the sky and on the flashcard. This is so cute. I guess the next flashcards I am going to prepare for him will be about the phases of the moon.

This folder game from File Folder Fun is one of his favourite. Antek likes to produce the sound of each animal. He can make a lot of noise. :-)

Antek spent quite a lot of time doing his spooning and pouring activity from the previous week.

We had a nice little guest. The boys cooperated quite well.

We practiced reading. Here, Antek is holding his favourite sentence :-).

Brothers' play time

The ability to share is priceless... Learning to share may cost a tear or two :-)

Number ordering practice

Antek sorted his magnetic letters by color with a little help from his brother.

Later on, Antek used the cups to build a tower.

He ended up pouring the content of one cup into another one.

Scribbling and drawing time with his brother.

Antek has a great opportunity to observe and learn from his brother.

The final product of Kuba’s work. He portrayed me as a queen of the house. I love the high-heels :-)

We spent a lot of time playing outdoors.

I tried to reinforce the recognition of primary colors by preparing and serving Antek some red, yellow and blue colored food. Antek has eaten French fries and ketchup first time ever. ( I made them myself in the oven without oil so they were quite healthy). He had ketchup all over his face and hair. I guess he liked it.

Another chance to practice with puzzles.

Antek worked intensively on paper folding. He did a great job. And repeated the activity multiple times during the week.

That's all for now. Please visit us next time

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  1. Im sorry your plans didnt work out, I hate when that happends! But it looks like you guys had a great week anyways :)

  2. I love the time machine! It looks like something my older kids would make! I think I will try giving Monkey Girl a snack each day to match the colour bin. Great idea.

  3. I love your "exposition of funny things made from items we had at home." So very cool!

  4. Oh no! We were in the same boat with the flu but you still did a lot of great activities this week. I love that you chased shadows and that your little one loves keeping watch of the moon. Very dear. Kerri

  5. Ewo, widzę, że robicie mnóstwo fantastycznych i inspirujących rzeczy. Na pewno będę do Ciebie często zaglądać :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie


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